Peace Out!

September 7, 2008

Club Batterram is finished for now. Inspired by Jeff Chang’s book Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Toddy Tee’s Batterram and lots of good music, we arranged parties (hip-hop but not only) on four thursday evenings in August-September 2008. The parties took place in an occupied house, known as Social Center Rajatila, in Töölö, Helsinki. Thanks for everybody who helped us out, played good shit, showed up and shaked it down!

For anyone who wondered whats up with the name Batterram: It comes from the classic tune by west coast rapper Toddy Tee.

Toddy Tee – Batterram

“Todd Howard, aka Toddy Tee, dropped this classic back in late 1985. “Batterram” is all about a brutal and sometimes deadly vehicle used by the L.A. to break up suspected drug dens. The message, along with the simple but funky production by Leon Haywood (of “I Want to Do Something Freaky to You” fame), was enough to make this record a big hit on the West Coast. Big enough, in fact, to attract the attention of Epic Records, who re-released the single on their label in early 1986. Toddy Tee released a few more singles and an album around that time, but none made the impact of this classic jam.”

Just chill… til the next episode


Tonight: Panther Power!

September 4, 2008

Club Batterram presents:

“What we got to say?
Power to the people, no delay!”

Thursday Night dedicated to Political Hip-Hop
Empowering, Uplifting, Revolutionary Music.

Sosiaalikeskus Rajatila, Helsinki
Thursday 4 Sept 2008

Resident DJ’s + Special Guests:

Laineen Kasperi

20-22 Screening of “Malcolm X” (1972)
Documentary about the life of the revolutionary black leader

22-02 Party for your right to fight!

Dresscode: Black beret and black ray bans.

Malcolm X (1972)

Laineen Kasperi



Migrants Stand Up!

September 3, 2008

Chingo Bling – Like This And Like That
J-Boogie feat. Deuce Eclipse – Que Pasa
E-LEGAL – Dedicated to the Struggle
El Chivo – Si Se Puede
CMA (Grouch & Luckyiam) – The Immigrant
Ackurate-Don – Illegal Life
Wyclef Jean – Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)

This one you must already know.
Manu Chao – Clandestino

A piece of useful information.
Know Your Rights When Dealing With I.C.E. (La Migra)


L.A. 1965 / 1992

September 3, 2008

Kam feat. Ice Cube – Watts Riot

“August 13-16, 1965, the blacks of Los Angeles revolted. An incident between traffic police and pedestrians developed into two days of spontaneous riots. Despite increasing reinforcements, the forces of order were unable to regain control of the streets.” (more)

Ice Cube – We Had To Tear this Motherfucker Up

“On April 29th, 1992, Los Angeles exploded in the most serious urban uprising in America this century. It took the federal army, the national guard and police from throughout the country three days to restore order, by which time the residents of L.A. had appropriated millions of dollars worth of goods and destroyed a billion dollars of capitalist property. ” (more)


Ain’t Nothing Wrong with Being Conscious

September 3, 2008
    If you’re down to shake your ass be down to shake your fist
    I’m gonna change the game like this
    Most motherf#ckers support the nonsense
    But ain’t nothing wrong with being conscious

It’s ISE LYFE and the beat KNOCKS!

“First recognized nationally for competing in the annual Youth Speaks Poetry Slams Finals, Ise started out in coffee shops and at open mics. He was soon performing in clubs, auditoriums, and eventually universities at home and abroad. His arc of success reached a new level when Ise was featured on Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam. He has since co-founded the P.O.W.E.R. Movement, an Oakland-based organization dealing with the educational, social, and political needs of young people.” (more)


Dead Prez in Denver – DNC 2008

September 1, 2008

This happened a week ago, Sunday August 24, 2008. Dead Prez took part in the protest against the Democratic National Convention in Denver.


New Bay

August 28, 2008

Some of the hottest Bay Area songs that came out in the last few years, 2005-2008.

The Pack – Vans
Bailey – U C It
J. Stalin – 808
Keak da Sneak – That Go remix
The Jacka – All over me
The Frontline – What You Want
Traxamillion – San Francisco Anthem

The Pack are from Berkeley and they are so hip. They call their music Based. Bailey is the younger brother of San Quinn, he did his debut album a few years ago, the second album Just Listen is out now. He’s from Frisco, but now stationed in Atlanta. J. Stalin aka Joseph Stalin is a young rapper from West Oakland. But why is he called J. Stalin? They say he came across the name in 11th grade history class. “We got the same initials. Plus he was short like me, but he was always smashin’ on everybody.” Keak da Sneak has a long career, he was part of the group 3xKrazy, and he’s the one who coined the word “hyphy” back in 1994. The Jacka is part of the Mob Figaz family, and his upcoming album Tear Gas is one of the most anticipated records of the year. The Frontline are two rappers who come from Richmond. Much of their work has been produced by E-A-Ski. Traxamillion is a producer from San Jose and he also raps.